Barcelona’s Locally Sourced Goals | The Real Ratigan


Were on the precipice of a transition from centralized production and global distribution to localized production and localized consumption. Think about what theyre doing in Barcelona right now with their commitment to not only produce their food, but to produce every resource that is used in that city in that city. Granted, it may…

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American Politics & The Ultimatum Game | The Real Ratigan


Its starting to look like between gerrymandering, poll testing, issue pandering and the vile influence of a few peoples money dominating our entire political system that were starting to see the play out of something called ultimatum game, which, Im not sure youre familiar with it, but Id remind you very quickly in case…

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American Political Bribery & Extraction | The Real Ratigan


The entire premise of America the whole idea, the concept of equal opportunity and the ability for anybody from any walk of life, in order to make a better life for themselves, to be able to deliver something that creates value for their community, for our country, in order to make their living, has…

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Dylan was born in Saranac Lake, New York, a few miles from where the Americans triumphed over the Russians in the “Miracle on Ice” during the 1980 Olympics. He’s now a nomadic road warrior constantly traveling around the country, primarily residing in New York City, Louisiana, California and Chicago.

Dylan is partner and co-founder of a Louisiana-based manufacturer that integrates systems to grow food, purify water, produce solar electricity, establish wireless connectivity, create jobs and provide essential community services. This venture was inspired by US combat veterans who described plug and play integration of housing, food, power and water systems as fundamental to global security.

Known by his strong voice for economic justice on Bloomberg and NBC, Dylan now serves as Chief Skeptic at Tastytrade and Advisor to CyndX. He speaks out daily for transparency, integrity, choice and aligned interests as a commentator, film producer, and author of New York Times Best-Seller “Greedy Bastards.”

Dylan advocates for student-debt reform, veteran employment, food and water security, drug decriminalization, fair economic opportunity and the recognition of money in politics as the root cause of our nation’s challenges. Despite these challenges, Dylan is an optimist who sees the current crisis as a potent opportunity to dramatically transform society for the benefit of all.

Dylan is a passionate fighter for the best in all of us, and an occasional paddle-boarder.



Dylan is working with combat veterans on key resource systems to facilitate transformation by confronting climate chaos and social conflict.

Their mission is to equip the world with standardized, portable tools for basic resource production, and to establish strong communities and meaningful work for all people.


It doesn’t matter what the issue is; in American politics money is the root of all evil. I’m going to abandon the bought congress, like Teddy Roosevelt did. I am going to go to the people of the the United States.

Dylan Ratigan


Dylan sees a country that has allowed itself to be swindled and robbed. He rips the lid off our deeply crooked system – and offers a way out.

Global Security

Every choice to align the interests of energy users and efficiency reduces our military entanglements, cuts our trade deficit, increases our freedom, and preserves our planet; every choice to breach it destroys it. (read more)


Choices made to align the interests of health professionals and patients enhance health. Misaligned interests between health professionals and patients escalate health care costs and do little to promote health. (read more)


Every choice to align the interests of teachers and taxpayers with everyone else through proven group- and web-based problem solving methods enhances all problem-solving; every choice to breach it destroys it. (read more)

Political Corruption

Every choice to align the interests of politicians with everyone else by eliminating money and gerrymandering and closed primaries enhances productive policy making; every choice to breach it destroys it. (read more)


Every choice to align the interests of bankers with everyone else through capital requirements enhances productive investment; every choice to breach it destroys it. (read more)


The goal of the connect the dots in trade is to show how capital (money and human resources) is diverted away from one nation to another artificially using currency and tax policy. (read more)


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