March 18, 2011 Dylan Ratigan

Marshall Auerback: How Japan Will Bounce Back From Disaster

What does the earthquake mean to Japan’s fiscal future?  Will one of the possible ripple effects of the disaster in Japan be a period of meaningful economic growth? Is the correct response to an environment of deprived economic activity to cut, or is it to invest and spend?

Whether to cut or whether to spend is a raging debate, not only in Japan, but one that is active in our own country as well. Listen in as Dylan talks with Marshall Auerback about how Japan and the U.S. can begin to allocate capital in a way that solves problems, ultimately bringing advancement in infrastructure, society, and social structure.

You can read Marshall’s post at New Deal 2.0: What Does The Earthquake Mean to Japan’s Fiscal Future?

Marshall Auerback blogs at New Deal 2.0 and is a Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.  He currently serves as a global portfolio strategist for Madison Street Partners, LLC, a Denver-based hedge fund.  From 1983-1987, he was an investment manager at GT Management (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong, where he focused on the markets of Hong Kong, the ASEAN countries,  New Zealand and Australia.  From 1988-91, Mr. Auerback was based in Tokyo, where his Pacific Rim expertise was broadened to include the Japanese stock market.


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