April 25, 2011 Dylan Ratigan

#FedSpeaks: Crowdsourcing Questions to Bernanke

This Wednesday, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke is going to hold the first ever press conference by a Federal Reserve Chairman. It’s a historic occasion. It is kind of crazy that the Federal Reserve has managed to go without this conversation from the public for its entire existence, an affront to democracy even.

But let’s put all that aside and help the reporters that will be in the room. If you were in the room with Bernanke at the podium, what would you ask him? On twitter, use the hashtag #FedSpeaks to tag your question.

I’d like to know whether Bernanke ascribes the recent run-up in commodities prices to underlying demand from China, excess speculation, or money-printing by the Fed.

I’d like to know why the Fed publicly released information on emergency lending during the crisis after policy-making on Dodd-Frank was completed. Was that appropriate?

What are your questions for the Chairman? Use the hashtag #Fedspeaks on twitter.



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