July 12, 2011 Dylan Ratigan

Rosner & Morgenson: The financial crisis was “not an act of God”

Josh Rosner & Gretchen Morgenson

“Make no mistake, the perils and problems that plagued our nation years ago in the financial crisis—yes, it’s been years—still plague us to this day.  Much like an untreated cancer, it will affect us up and to the point where we actually acknowledge it and deal with it,” says Dylan.

That’s the message that Gretchen Morgenson and Josh Rosner, co-authors of Reckless Endangerment, are trying to deliver: that this problem can be dealt with in the way that we have dealt with other issues in our own history — personally and collectively.  Their new book provides not only an authoritative account of the financial crisis, they take a hard look at who is to blame for letting the crisis happen.

Josh Rosner is Managing Director at independent research consultancy Graham Fisher & Co and advises regulators and institutional investors on housing and mortgage finance issues.  Gretchen Morgenson is the Pulitzer-prize assistant business and financial editor and a columnist at the New York Times, and has covered the world financial markets since 1998.

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