October 29, 2011 Dylan Ratigan

International Friday Megapanel with Rapper Ari Melber

The Friday (International) Megapanel — Ari Melber, Krystal Ball and Matt Miller — discuss the big stories of the week, including White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley dropping an “f-bomb” in an interview with Politico.

Then, perhaps the clip of the week: Megapanelist Ari Melber utilizes his deep knowledge of 50 Cent lyrics in a political analysis of voter loyalty to the President in tough economic times, much to the delight of the panel and the Twitterverse.

DYLAN: There’s a lot of cognitive dissonance to Krystal’s point, where there’s an appeal to the rhetoric, to the aspirations of our current president. At the same time, there’s a disconnect and there has been in the policies around bank reform, around health reform, around the war, these types of issues. And 2012 will be the year we find out what cognitive dissonance looks like in an election booth.

ARI: Well, I’m only surprised that they’re rolling this out right now. I think this is fundamentally a loyalty argument. It’s basically saying, yeah, things are tough, and do you stand by me. You know, it kind of reminds me of, like, the 50 Cent song, ’21 Questions,’ where he says, “If I flipped burgers at Burger King, would you still love me? If I didn’t smell so good, would you still hug me?”  And the political analysis there is, you know, 50 Cents’ asking his girlfriend, what if I wasn’t so great, would you still stand by me? And I think what we’re going to see, particularly into the base message is not “I’m perfect” is not, you’re not mad, right.

We’ve heard a lot of elites starting to say we understand people are mad for various reasons, but rather from Obama and his aides. “Hey, you’ve got to stand by me, you gotta be loyal to me, it’s hard out out here, it’s hard in this economic environment, which has political ramifications.” And the counterargument is of course, the economic is, some people would say, the economic environment is because you haven’t taken some of the tough political positions we hoped you would when you talked about change we could believe in.”

Of course, the folks on Twitter enjoyed this:










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