January 2, 2012 Dylan Ratigan

Show Guests and Topics for January 2, 2012

Matt Miller

Matt Miller in the anchor chair!

Here’s what’s coming up on The Dylan Ratigan Show today with guest host Matt Miller.

The Big Story today: An Insiders’ Look at Iowa. With Republican voters in Iowa set to finally begin picking a nominee to challenge President Obama, GOP officials in Washington are quietly and methodically finishing what operatives are calling “the book” – 500 pages of Obama quotes and video links that will form the backbone of the party’s attack strategy against the president leading up to Election Day 2012.

We’ll also talk Iran today: Iran said on Monday it had successfully test-fired what it described as two long-range missiles, flexing its military muscle in the face of mounting Western pressure over its nuclear program.  Analysts say Iran’s increasingly strident rhetoric, which has pushed oil prices higher, is aimed at sending a message to the West that it should think twice about the economic cost of putting further pressure on Tehran.

2012 and the Youth Vote:  Connor Toohill, Editor-in-Chief of NextGen Journal stops by to discuss their series on how young voters nationally (and in the first caucus state) feel about the political process, the candidates, and the upcoming chance to vote.

On today’s Megapanel: Imogen Lloyd-Webber, Tim Carney and Chrystia FreelandDaniel Gross, Columnist and Economics Editor of Yahoo! Finance.

The Iowa story you won’t see anywhere else: Shoo crows, shoo!  Iowa City has deployed everything from balloons to reflective streamers to battle crows that are taking over downtown.  Check out the latest on that here.

Daily Rant: The one and only Keli Goff does today’s rant.

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