January 10, 2012 Dylan Ratigan

Seize Nobility: “Greedy Bastards” at Deepak Homebase with Arianna Huffington

Many thanks to everyone at Deepak Homebase for the incredible discussion last night about Greedy Bastards!  In case you missed it, we’ll be Livestreaming the event throughout the day here — it was a great talk about how greedy bastardism has affected our economy, and how we can take it back through aligning interests in 2012.

If you want to see some behind the scenes photos of the event, our Flickr slideshow is here:

We also ran a text poll during the event: we love that it was split into 99% and 1%!  (Because, well, #wearethe99%)

Here’s what the jist of the talk way about:

The opportunity for our society to seize nobility and aspire to the values of visibility (possible in a revolutionary way now) which leads to integrity when added to Choice = Aligned Interests. This will release a massive cascade of pent-up creative energy and resolution with increasingly creative and aligned interests.  We simply must navigate the remarkable strain of the transition as one large group of people.

These simple values of shared visibility and integrity of purpose open the door to focus on HOW we make decisions and relate to one another, not HOW MUCH.

At its core is the following — As long as ANY society values something other than the Noble Values of Visibility, Integrity and Choice we are doomed to make increasingly ill-informed and poor decisions.

If we Seize Nobility in the tininess of our own daily decisions with those we live and work with — while enforcing and aspiring to a value system that reflects those goals, we have a magical and rare opportunity to participate in the shepherding of a transition that is releasing its energy (with or without us!) to re-align and release a wave of ideas and innovation.

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