January 13, 2012 Dylan Ratigan

Dylan on Morning Joe with Joe, Mika and Willie

Dylan stopped by MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning.  It kicked off with Dylan’s famous summer rant of 2011, which Joe Scarborough compared to “the shot at Lexington — it started the war!”

As Dylan explained, “the bottom line of the book is very simple — we’re at a point where people are seeing a lot of the symptoms of the disfunction.  Whatever your point of view is, the electoral system is not really reflecting a healthy way to solve problems in this country.  It’s gerrymandered, the primary system is closed, you know better than anyone Joe — and the role of money,” said Dylan.

“All I was trying to do — and it was very simple — try to define the problems in the core issues we depend on.  Banking, trade, energy, health,  education, these sorts of things. Then, make it clear that there are already  people fixing these problems.  We’re in a situation where if we understand what the problem is, you can solve it.”

Watch the full segment here (and don’t miss Willie Geist‘s dramatic reading at the end!).  The full transcript of the show is below.

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