February 23, 2012 Dylan Ratigan

Tour Diary: 30 Million Jobs comes to Lexington, KY & University of Kentucky

Yesterday was the first stop on the 30 Million Jobs college tour, and we were lucky enough to be hosted by the University of Kentucky — specifically, the awesome folks at the College of Pharmacy.  There’s nothing we like more than getting out of New York for a few days, and this week, we’re asking people one question when we visit schools: “what’s your experiment?”

Now, when we come into town, we don’t only like to do the television show (although, that’s the main focus) — we also like to do meetups, book events, and visit some of the more fabled local institutions around town.  Here’s what we did around Lexington.

We kicked off the morning with a visit to one of Lexington’s oldest diners, and a place that lives and breathes the Wildcat spirit of UK – Tolly Ho. The menu alone is, well, worth coming there for.  One of us (not going to say who) may have indulged in some biscuits and gravy.  You can’t get that in NYC!
Lexington, KY's "Tolly Ho"

Lexington, KY's "Tolly Ho"

After that, we headed on over to Joseph-Beth Booksellers for an excellent discussion on creating a culture of innovation and the 30 Million Jobs we need to kick-start our economy.  (We were joined by local reporter Greg Skilling, whose writeup of our visit to Lexington is up at the Louisville Independent Examiner.)

To start, we had a fun breakfast with documentary filmmaker Peter Byck, who directed and produced Carbon Nation.  We talked a lot about energy, the environment, and how much people from opposite ends of the political spectrum actually agree on when it comes to ideas about a cleaner, greener America.  We’ll be featuring a clip of his documentary on the show today.
Pre-Event lunch with documentary filmmaker Peter By

Here are some other photos from the book event! (Many courtesy Greg Skilling of the Louisville Independent Examiner.)

Talking "Greedy Bastards" at Joseph-Beth

DR at Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Photo Credit: G. Skilling)

Talking "Greedy Bastards" at Joseph-Beth

After that, it was off to do the television show – we started off with a pre-shoot outside with the one and only Wildcat.  Usually, he’s working for the #1 NCAA basketball team in the country, but he took some time out of his schedule to hang with us.

DR hanging with the Wildcat

The show taping itself was a blast — we had a ton of students from UK stop by and watch us do the show. Here’s a nice photo slide show from the good folks at the UK College of Pharmacy:

We even gave away some copies of Greedy Bastards to these deserving UK’ers!  We were pumped that so many people came out for the taping… the energy was electric!

Hey, look who got copies of Greedy Bastards!

Dylan + UK Students

Post-show with some of our guests...

After the show taping, we headed over to Coffea Island, a really great independent coffee shop in Lexington. Modeled after the weekly Regulars meetup in Austin, we wanted to hold a small chat about creating jobs, fostering innovation and community partnerships. We had a really nice turnout, some great coffee and food, and made some new friends:

Dylan & Friends at Coffea Island

Many thanks to Bill and everyone at Coffea Island for making this happen last minute. (Here’s the owner, Bill!)
Dylan & Friends at Coffea Island

Here’s a full list of all the great places we visited.  Lots of gratitude to everyone we met for the Lexington hospitality — we won’t forget it and we hope to be back soon.

Tolly Ho 606 S. Broadway, Lexington KY

Joseph-Beth Booksellers 161 Lexington Green Cir # B Lexington, KY

University of Kentucky – College of Pharmacy

Coffea Island 385 Rose Street, Lexington KY

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