Straight Talk

Opening #TeamRenaissance’s Mailbag


One of my goals for this year is to be better connected to our community. This mailbag is an experiment to strengthen that connection. Straight Talk consists of social media posts (in bold) from my facebook and twitter feeds, followed by your questions & comments . I pick content I believe to be the most interesting and respond the best I can.

Please write to my inbox at dylanratigan.comtweet at me with #TeamRenaissance, or post a facebook comment under one of my posts.


DR Facebook: My career is centered on organizing, financing, and telling the story of what I believe to be an inevitable 21st century renaissance in housing, food, fuel, water, education, and orchestral biology.


Dan Cordtz: You’re serious about this “renaissance” … right?


DR: Mr. Cordtz, I am. The tools, resources, desire, and need for a global transformation is within our grasp.


John Barney: I’d like to participate

Nils Jonah: Let me know how I can help!

Scott Steigerwald: We have a small organic farm in MI, how can we help promote your program?

Jeff Hufford: If there is ever an opportunity for me to come work with you please let me know.


DR: To all of you who want to get involved, I want you to understand that engaging people in an organized way and using digital tools for our causes has been surprisingly challenging and is a continuous work in progress. I am open to your ideas. Please send them to me through my inbox at or one of my social media feeds…

With that said, there is an old Jewish parable about ten people in need of a heart transplant with only one heart available. The parable asks the question, “who should get the heart?” The correct answer is whoever is standing closest to you. By that measure, the way to contribute is to expand your own awareness and collaborate with others nearby. Join #TeamRenaissance with the understanding that the only requirement is a willingness to expand our thinking, awareness, and contributions each day.


Calum Michael: So, one killer rant on MSNBC and you get shipped out to Guam?


DR: As you can see in my resignation letter from June 10, 2012: I shipped myself voluntarily. I was in North San Diego County, not Guam, but who’s splitting hairs?


Dorothy Buckley: Mine too… I think you have it all covered, but it will be like a salmon swimming upstream. We will follow you.


DR: A lot of people think that this mission requires a profound battle, but in my opinion the reality is the exact opposite. It is the stopping of the battle that is key to initiation of the 21st Century Renaissance. The only war is internal: expand our awareness, wakeup, open our hearts, and listen for our next best action. The salmon’s swim is internal not external, your heart will lead you.


Rick Harris: Miss seeing you beat the drum on the corruption in DC, the phony Dems vs Repub thing, the Trillions spent on corporate wars in the mid east, the illegal spying on Americans by the NSA, the corporate buy off of the government….etc etc etc, What happened to you Dylan???? They get to you too?


DR: The only way they get to us is when we pay attention to them. Every second of our lives spent devoted to their toxic ways is a second we will never get back. My decision is to invest my energy and resources into manifesting the new as the collapse of the old is self-evident and inevitable. Sometimes, the only thing to do when staring down a toxic runaway freight train is get out of the way.


Tom Bruckman: What is orchestral biology?

Aj Butash: Stop talking like some high fluent intellectual. WTF is orchestral biology?? You’re a turd.


DR: Orchestral biology refers to the emerging medical research focused on influencing all of the variables of a given biological system to enhance health, rather than isolating on a single variable as medicine has over the last 100 years. It is the recognition of the interconnectedness of every part of the body and an approach to healing that uses that lens. Mr. Butash, while I appreciate your thoughts, bare in mind, “You’re a turd.” is a statement and this a Q&A format.


DR Twitter: Money is a tool not an outcome. How can we use it?


William Benedict: @DylanRatigan it needs too be used to transmit real knowledge and change consciousness.


DR: Money has nothing to do with consciousness. Consciousness is a function of the internal rate of vibration of an individual at any given time. Money is a tool to invest into the housing, food, fuel water, education, artistic, and biological systems of the future. Mr. Benedict, your heart clearly appears to be in the right place and I am excited to welcome you onto #TeamRenaissance.


DR Facebook: One of the biggest problems in American cities is access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Here’s a group solving that problem by converting old warehouses into farms 

Scott McNeely: A group of us are looking into growing manageable sized crops in our own yards and sharing our yields. Hydroponics, composting, sharing fresh veggies – urban style…


DR: Rock on brother, follow your heart, and please keep us posted on your progress! You are what #TeamRenaissance is all about.


Lori Bell: I saw a lot of essentially abandoned warehouse properties along the Gulf Coast when I rode my bicycle through there in 2012. I imagined there was potential to do something like this. They are quite an eyesore, not to mention consuming a lot of valuable space without producing anything for the community or the economy.


DR: Ms. Bell, you hit it right on the head. The areas some think of as “eyesores” are frequently the most fertile ground to establish the building blocks for cities and communities of the future.


José Efrain Arroyo: I like this a lot… makes a lot of sense and it can be done anywhere…


DR: You are right Mr. Arroyo, where will you begin?


Rolande Obei Elpenord: My husband and I decided to call our son Dylan, because we have been following you for so long. DR you’re a genius!!! And we’re so in love with you.


DR: What an honor. Thank you. I hope your son isn’t as big of a pain in the ass as I was growing up.


Thank you so much for your questions and comments. I love reading them and look forward to the next batch. Please write to my inbox at, tweet at me with #TeamRenaissance, or post a facebook comment under one of my posts. The best is yet to come, together.


Onward and upward,