Straight Talk: Part 2

#TeamRenaissance, we are sowing seeds of the 21st century renaissance:
Opening #TeamRenaissance’s Mailbag

One of my goals for this year is to be better connected to our community. This mailbag is an experiment to strengthen that connection. Straight Talk consists of social media posts (in bold) from my facebook and twitter feeds, followed by your questions & comments . I pick content I believe to be the most interesting and respond the best I can.

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DR Facebook: #TeamRenaissance is about finding solutions through gentleness and precision. If you are willing to expand your thinking, you meet our criteria.

Jason Paul Sullivan So how do I join? I want to be apart of the Dylan Ratigan team! 

DR #TeamRenaissance’s one requirement of gentleness and precision combined with a willingness to expand our thinking is very simple, but for me is not always that easy. Sometimes I forget to be gentle with myself and my own internal dialog and judgements, other times I get rigid in my thinking. Gentleness and precision and expanded thinking are simple, but challenging. That is why I like them so much and that is how you join #TeamRenaissance.


DR Facebook: Give this Men’s Journal article on me a read and let me know what you think!

dr sword

Sue Matthews It leaves me wondering if you feel this accurately portrays your past and current work and goals. I prefer to hear your story from you. All publicity is probably helpful since it can attract the attention of those that can join your quest. I’m just a little skeptical when it comes to second-hand info and the intention and spin of the writers. I guess the one thing I want to know is: What do YOU think about it?

DR Men’s Journal’s Mark Healy did a remarkable job of capturing what has been an improbable sequence of events and relationships. In fact, the article has accelerated those events as more people come together around the mission of organizing, financing, and training transitioning service members to reducing global conflict by implementing technical solutions to global resource management. It’s also the best profile yet in capturing my personality, as well as my personal and professional history. Mark did our combat veterans and the cause of global conflict reduction by way of global resource management a huge favor, by telling our story. More than ever, I am certain the best is yet to come.

Nefertiti Sebastian Capitalism perpetuates scarcity and it’s inevitable human labor is being replaced by machines. Remember our indigenous way of life? We should return to that source of existence and learn to co-exist with technology. I like some of the concepts from another pioneer: Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project. His vision is not utopian or Orwellian but an alternative from a capitalist economy to a resource based economy. I too am a follower of Dylan Ratigan & his vision. It is the 99% versus the 1%.

DR Ms. Sebastian, any differentiated identity including the 99% / 1% is a recipe for division and conflict. I strongly suggest caution with labels. The best articulation of a gentle pathway of a massive global transition like this was discussed by Richard Branson in his autobiography titled, “Losing my Virginity”, which I highly recommend.

In it, Mr. Branson articulates the terrible problems on the continent of Africa, as seen through his work with the “Elders” and one of his co-founders, Nelson Mandela. Mr. Branson described a continent, whose maps were drawn by people who lived on a different continent, using the Cartesian method. This resulted in the drawing of map lines of a grid which not only disrupted and split the natural migratory animals that inhabit the continent, but also boxed in tribal chiefs, leaving them in a perpetual battle over control for an unnaturally constructed map system. The problems in Africa are well documented and could not seem more intractable.

Mr. Branson’s and President Mandela’s solution was not to confront the old maps, but rather to leave them in place while seeking first to draw a second set of maps that would at first only apply to the migratory patterns of the animals. In a nutshell, Mr. Branson’s suggestion for solving any seemingly intractable problem, isn’t to confront those responsible for the problem but rather to seek similarly-minded people to create bypass systems that render the old system obsolete.


DR Twitter: “Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

Bayoan Kensai Cortes “A true accomplishment comes from the magic of risking everything for a dream nobody can see but you.”-Anonymous

Richard Sarasua Chocolate monkeys wearing bacon tuxedos playing Bach?

Todd Kennedy Purple unicorns?

Rich Woods My imagination involves a functioning metabolism and Kate Beckensale feeding me ding dongs.

DR  First of all #TeamRenaissance, compliments on your creative writing, imaginations, and good humor. Perhaps, a more precise articulation of Picasso’s sentiment is anything must be imagined before it can be real. In fact, quantum physics has proven out scientifically that our base imagination or intention actually changes the energetic vibrations of ourselves and the world around us, which then manifests in the reality that is our lives.

Mr. Woods, hopefully you don’t have the meditative discipline to imagine that long enough for it to manifest, for all of our sakes, especially Kate’s.


DR Facebook: My new place in NYC is in the West 70′s, a neighborhood I left in 2001. Returning to my stoop brings back many memories, from evening walks in Central Park to restaurants on Columbus Avenue.  


Christopher Pendy Are you no longer working with the veterans in California?

Scott Leino Haven’t had a chance to check all the posts, but wanted to mention a program we’re utilizing: Warriors4Wireless. Check it out!

DR Mr. Pendy, my involvement and commitment to partner with veterans and all transitioning service personnel is broader in scope than it has even been, see this Men’s Journal article on me. Not only am I working with veterans in California, such Liz Perez, but also Louisiana and the Northeast, with every intention to create a platform to enroll veterans from coast to coast.

Mr. Leino, thanks for sharing the Warriors4Wireless program. #TeamRenaissance


DR Instagram: People are getting too soft with cold weather…how dare they pull the mangoes??


Cynthia Rhodes Smith You grew up here in Saranac Lake, so you really know cold! And, with the wind blowing 30 mph, the wind chill is down to -18!

DR Ms. Smith, you and I both know it’s not technically, “cold” until the standing air temperature is -25 below 0, as any child of the Adirondacks will tell you, any weather above -25 F is sweater weather and hardly warrants pulling the mangoes.

Bruce Hansen Have a great year Dylan. I was your bus driver on The Steel Wheels Tour. Do you remember? It was great to work with you.

DR Mr. Hansen, of course I remember you. Your ability to navigate the narrow bridges and winter roads in Seneca Falls that Christmas was remarkable. Thanks for making that eye-opening coast to coast trip that opened the door to our current mission a success.


DR Facebook: Why did I leave television? I was on television to tell stories and share experiences and perspective. I left television to refill my tank with new experiences, people, and possibilities. When I return, I’ll have more to offer than ever before.

Patrick Collins Why on earth would you want to return? For what purpose?

Lee Michelle Howard Loved your research on hydroponic gardening. Trying it out this year! Thank you!!

DR Mr. Collins, the privilege of communicating on a widely distributed broadcast platform should never be underestimated. The magic trick is in integrating the off-camera work around veteran-built sustainable cities, modern financing systems, and education with that platform. My hope is that that is possible, but only time will tell.

Ms. Howard, congratulations! The gardening of the future (hydroponics) ironically, is the gardening system of the past. Did you know the gardening systems of Babylon were technically hydroponic? Whether it is from the past or the future, any gardening system that produces three times the yield, three times as fast, using 90% less water, while growing higher nutrition produce, is a system I am excited to hear you are working with. #TeamRenaissance


DR Instagram: Downward Facing Dog at 7:00 am…Yogi training is making me healthier and stronger.  


Dee Vickers You are training to be Yogi Berra? Yogi Bear? Lol

Rene Shepard Yoga, per se, is a religious practice and it’s to Hindu gods. I can stretch and work out without it Dylan. But thanks for your input.

Timothy Kovacs Yoga is a system for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It does not promote any dogma from Hinduism and can be embraced by people of all religions or spiritual orientation. Keep up the practice Dylan and please continue to share the benefits and your personal transformation with yoga!

DR Ms. Shepard & Mr. Kovacs, thank you for your encouragement regarding my ongoing personal renaissance. Yoga with Ali Kamenova has been but one small part of an ongoing expansion of the way I think, eat, speak, think, and live. I am in no position to speak to religious or spiritual aspects of yoga, but I am proud to say that it is much easier for me to touch my toes.


DR Facebook: The issue I have with modern political culture is no matter how righteous the cause or just the mission, all roads lead to a toxic swamp which swallows creativity, possibility, and the very souls of the people we need to lead us into the future.

Ann Akard The problem I see is we need a lot more women in power! They appear to be less corruptible!

DR Ms. Akard, I find identity politics, meaning politics based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other “identity” by its very definition to be divisive to communities large and small. If simply selecting the correct identity would solve any community’s problem, it would have been solved already. I believe it is the actual internal state of consciousness of people of all identities that is in need of elevation, collectively, rather than swapping one low-consciousness identity for another.

Beth Escott Newcomer Dylan Ratigan- you are my hero

DR: Ms. Newcomer, as Joesph Campbell taught us: “You are the hero, of your own story.” #TeamRenaissance


DR Twitter: Learning to learn is the first step…

Susan Blatz Extraordinary. Rochester, with 60% dropout, came to mind. I teach piano, and now I am thinking how I can improve!

DR Ms. Blatz, what could be more #TeamRenaissance than a music teacher expanding her awareness and learning to learn to help others do the same? Nothing.


DR Facebook: Reflecting on “Greedy Bastards” two years after its launch, it is a book about core misaligned interests in banking, trade, healthcare, energy, education, and the political system. I highlighted countless solutions already being practiced by everyday Americans to realign those interests. The title is misleading, as it does not represent the core content of the book. In retrospect, I should have fought the title to better match my intent.

Eric Maitreya Sky Prime example of a systemic problem . . . you had to sell the book to get people to hear the message even if your intent didn’t match the title.

Lena Sweet-Ferris Begs the question: What should the title be?

DR: Ms. Sweet-Ferris, in retrospect, I would have called the book, “Solutions.”


Thank you so much for your questions and comments. I love reading them and look forward to the next batch. Please write to my inbox at, tweet at me with #TeamRenaissance, or post a facebook comment under one of my posts. The best is yet to come, together.


Onward and Upward,