Dylan Ratigan is a New York Times Best-Selling author.  His first book, “Greedy Bastards”, spent five consecutive weeks on the best-seller list.  His book brings to light the universal principle that define solutions to every problem we face, in the process illustrating how these types of solutions can release a renaissance of growth and innovation by changing our culture to solve these problems.  

Eliot Spitzer, the former Governor of New York stated, “Some books explain a problem, this book gives you an entire world view.  “Greedy Bastards” puts everything in context and makes the enormity and entirety of our crises understandable.”


To get a better idea of what Greedy Bastards is really about, you can check out Anthony Kosner’s Forbes review of the book, where he states, “Ratigan defines the problem as one of massively ‘misaligned interests’ in every sector of our society, from banking, to government, to medicine and education.”

  Dylan also writes a column that can be found on the Huffington Post along with his website, DylanRatigan.com.  Through his writings, Dylan focuses on educating people about what’s happening, why it’s important, and how to begin the conversation to solve our problems.  Towards this effort, Dylan uses his platform as an author to expand people’s understanding of the root of our problems and learn how others are resolving the core issues that are highlighted in “Greedy Bastards”, preventing our ability to adapt, change and evolve into a more efficient society.  These issues were further investigated in a week-long, nine-part Huffington Post series titled Auction 2012.


“Greedy Bastards” is available in major retail stores across the U.S. including:
 Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes and Nobles, Nook and Indie Bound.

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