America’s Stance on Sunnis & Saudi Arabia | The Real Ratigan

How much longer is America going to continue to support, condone, endorse and finance the king of all the Sunni kingdom that is Saudi Arabia while simultaneously confronting the Sunni terrorist group that is ISIS? The one thing that you have to respect about Vladimir Putin is hes consistent; he knows who his enemy…

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US Needs To Get Real With Saudis

Bill Maher and panelists Dylan Ratigan, Michael Steele and Jay Leno discuss the motivations behind extremists’ attacks on western countries and the GOP’s approach to foreign policy in this clip from November 13, 2015.

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Drones, Technological Advances and Consciousness | The Real Ratigan

Ill tell you this. The FAA being against drones is just one fragment of one of the more compelling things thats going on right now on the planet Earth. Technology has advanced at such a rate, the level of connectivity has advanced at such a rate, but has our own state of consciousness to…

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Manipulating Voters with Poll Tested Campaigns | The Real Ratigan

The problem with poll tested campaigning can be summed up in a very simple way. Two politicians of two completely different political parties both want to be your president, your senator, your congresspersonwhatever it may be. They dont actually believe anything. They simply are interpreting whatever the data in the polls is and then…

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Unmanned Technology Does Not Belong in Modern Warfare | The Real Ratigan

If war is hell, war perpetrated by robots on remote is hell on steroids. If we cant take a lesson from what happened with the United States using a digital infrastructure when we could not see the building to bomb for an hour a hospital in a foreign country and reconsider our use of…

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Bitcoin Should Not Be Considered Currency | The Real Ratigan

Currency is only as good as the collateral that is used to back it. Understand that and you can understand how silly bitcoin actually is as the collateral for that currency is nothing more than a mathematical algorithm prosecuted and perpetrated by computers. How can a computer doing math be collateral for a currency?…

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Barcelona’s Locally Sourced Goals | The Real Ratigan

Were on the precipice of a transition from centralized production and global distribution to localized production and localized consumption. Think about what theyre doing in Barcelona right now with their commitment to not only produce their food, but to produce every resource that is used in that city in that city. Granted, it may…

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American Politics & The Ultimatum Game | The Real Ratigan

Its starting to look like between gerrymandering, poll testing, issue pandering and the vile influence of a few peoples money dominating our entire political system that were starting to see the play out of something called ultimatum game, which, Im not sure youre familiar with it, but Id remind you very quickly in case…

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American Political Bribery & Extraction | The Real Ratigan

The entire premise of America the whole idea, the concept of equal opportunity and the ability for anybody from any walk of life, in order to make a better life for themselves, to be able to deliver something that creates value for their community, for our country, in order to make their living, has…

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