Visiting ‘The View’ on Black Friday

Let’s have DoD undertake a partnering role with the private sector to form and enforce the usage of a web portal for information on separating service members starting 12 months before the exit.

Why Government Programs Often Fail: by James Eaves

Obamacare is just the most recent example of government “solutions” that do more harm than good. Though programs championed by Democrats are continuously characterized by Republicans as failures, you’d be hard-pressed to identify a program implemented by Republicans that’s performed well (consider the “War on Terror”, the “War on Drugs”, ethonol subsidies, No-Child-Left behind…). I […]

High-Tech Troops and Low-Tech Transition

In speaking to the CEO of a major US energy company, as he reflected on the upcoming turnover of a huge population reaching retirement age, he said he would love to search a data to assess people and make offers to go to his plants- meaning a real job, one that brings with it a livelihood. Today, he has to put up posters, put out ads, or send representatives to every base.

Mike Hanes’ Ruthless Quest to Solve Old Problems New Ways: By J.R. Lewis

Transparent, resource-based solutions deserve more experimentation. To get us from where we are, to where we’d like to be, we need to keep tinkering with the system, pushing boundaries and asking questions without fear.

Sustainability is Security: Perez Takes the Fight to Washington

Violence, uncertainty and unrest go hand in hand with food, water and energy scarcity. Probably no Americn are more accutely aware of this fact than the men and women we have sent into harm’s way over the last 20 years.

Ratigan Extra: The Curious Case of Stevie Cohen

Is the penalty for admission of insider trading that the guilty party can only use their own money to do the same thing in the future?

Lessons of The Fallujah Pause: Channeling Energy Toward Outcomes

Be useful, not resentful. This was the message of their actions as they worked to create a culture of unoffendablilty and comfort with uncertainty.

Peeking Behind the Curtain

My inspiration to travel with, report on and learn from our nation’s greatest “doers” and disciples of skin-in-the-game has obviously struck a chord with many of you.