You Can’t Be President If You Can’t Talk Taxes | The Real Ratigan

Make no mistake about it; the destiny for investment, the destiny for enterprise, the destiny for public services all revolves around tax policy. Taxes is not just about how much you pay the government. Tax incentives and tax penalties dictate the flow of money, the flow of capital, the flow of investment into everything…

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Bernie Sanders is the Only Transparent One | The Real Ratigan

Bernie Sanders is the only person running for President who actually tells you exactly what he is in support of as President of the United States. Hes in favor of free college. Hes in favor of single payer healthcare. Hes in favor of higher taxes for the rich. Whether you believe in those things…

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Trade Relations China Hinder Manufacturing Competition | The Real Ratigan

The thing to understand when it comes to our trade relations with China is this: we manufacture, or American companies manufacture, a wide varieties of goods and services inside the nation of China. China then provides us relatively cheap manufacturing services. That should be a reasonable international trade agreement. But it is corrupted by…

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Trump & Sanders Are a Reaction to Obama’s Failures | The Real Ratigan

Its a direct reflection of decades of failure, betrayal and corruption on both the part of the Republican leadership as well as the Democratic party leadership, that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are doing as well as they are doing at this point in the political cycle. There are so many people in America…

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America’s Possibilities Don’t Rely on Politicians | The Real Ratigan

Dont make the mistake of believing that the Presidential politics that we are witnessing in this country in any way represents the possibility of America. Americas possibilities have never been greater. From Chicago to Dallas, Seattle to Miami, technology, people, education, resources. People across this country are seizing new ideas and delivering new solutions…

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David Crane’s Courageous Stance on Energy | The Real Ratigan

David Crane up until a few weeks ago [was] CEO of NRG, one of the largest utilities in the world. David Craneone of the few large energy executives in the history of the world to assert to the world that big energy must take the leadership position to take the position that fossil fuels…

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American Tax Code is Hugely Flawed | The Real Ratigan

  The American tax code is screwed up; it’s screwed up in a thousand ways. One of the biggest screw ups is the fact that we incentivize our biggest corporations: the Apples, the Nikes, the Proctors & Gambles of this world to keep a huge percentage of their profits offshore in order to avoid paying…

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The State & Identity of American Politics | The Real Ratigan

  If youre concerned about the state of American politics, think about this; less than 25 percent of Americans identify as Republican, less than 30 percent of Americans identify as Democrats. You put both of them together, less than 50 percent of us collectively identify as Republicans or Democrats. So functionally, we have two minority,…

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