The End Game for the Two Party System | The Real Ratigan

If youre watching the political conventions, and its making you sick to your stomach- whether youre a Democrat or a Republican- chances are youre not really either because the vast majority of all of us are neither democrats nor republicans. I pointed that out at the beginning of the presidential contest. These conventions prove…

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Interpreting the Second Amendment | The Real Ratigan

The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms inside the construct of a well regulated militia. The Constitution also guarantees my right and your right to domestic tranquility. There is no situation on the planet earth where the free unregulated flow of high performance firearms, machine guns basically, does anything to secure anybody,…

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Decentralization & The Importance of Lewis Brandeis | The Real Ratigan

I’ve been talking a lot about centralization versus decentralization, the idea of decentralizing and moving towards human sized institutions for human problems, having the people that solve the problem in your life be close to where you live, solving it on the municipal level. This is not an idea out of thin air. This…

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Resource Tech Is the Path to Security | The Real Ratigan

The mistake of the past 100 years is believing that the path to global security is through a strong military and the deployment of weapons technology. We have now reached terminal weaponry, in which we can kill everybody on the entire planet with the push of a button, and the evidence suggests explicitly that…

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The Gatekeeper’s Only Interest is Money | The Real Ratigan

Don’t kid yourself. As far as we have come on the internet and all the decentralization, the gatekeepers and distributors in almost every industry still dictate the products that make it to our grocery stores, the movies that we watch, the music that we listen to, and the drugs that make it into our…

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Introducing Helical Holdings And My New Venture Deploying Outpost


Last time many of us spoke, I had probably just announced that I was taking a leave from broadcasting at NBC after nearly 10 years to go “Beyond Talk” into action… and, as we enter Memorial Day weekend, I want to share this update. I partnered with Louisiana-based oil executives who have dedicated the past few years to building a 21st century “defense” company and I want to tell you about it today.
It’s called, Helical Holdings, and it makes standardized equipment to provide basic resources using state-of-the-art technology in the name of increased community and global stability. Helical designs and deploys plug-and-play solar power, water filtration, communication and hydroponic farming systems that are as well suited to creating a high-performance, all-season hydroponic farmers market in your town as they are to establishing a community hub in a refugee camp in the Middle East. Helical Holdings, LLC is a product development company with a mission to solve some of the world’s largest challenges through resource management, veteran employment, and innovative, sustainable solutions. We strive to employ veterans to continue their mission towards global security by building community and commerce, sparking education, driving job creation, curing food deserts and reducing global poverty.Our first product is called The Helical Outpost. It is a standardized and integrated hydroponic farm, solar power station with satellite communications and a water filtration system that creates up to 4,000 gallons of clean water a day, as many as 45 kilowatt hours of commercial grade solar power and 2,300 plants per week, the equivalent of 3 acres of soil in a 2900 square foot greenhouse. The Helical Outpost’s hydroponic farm uses 80% less water, 90% less land and all of these resources unpack from a shipping container with plug and play capabilities that can be easily deployed anywhere in the world.

After years of working on the Helical Outpost we want to share it with you.
Click here to see a time lapse video of it being delivered and installed in Berryville, VA this summer to our first customer, Patriot Farmers of America.
Kids at Barryville, VA OUTPOST
Here you can see a video of the Outpost in action at the school where it was developed.
In addition to providing resources for the community, it has turned into an education hub to teach children and help feed families just west of New Orleans in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The Outpost breaks down barriers and provides people access to resources and information. Its mission is to create jobs for returning veterans; teach students at universities and schools about science, technology, engineering and math; help provide resources to people around the world; and help communities across the U.S. that lack access to local fruits and vegetables.

The global thirst for sustainable systems is massive and extends far beyond Helical Holdings and the Outpost. Last spring I attended the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) in Dubai. The forum’s mandate was to show how innovation gives us the only real chance of feeding the world without destroying the environment. Attendees offered everything from insect protein as feed for livestock, fish and chickens; to a salt-water plant that turns into jet fuel; to an electric tractor that has a universal spinning rod that can serve as a crane, drill, plow or motor for textiles, construction or harvesting tool. There was agriculture software that boosts yields five to ten times; a “floppy” sprinkler capable of watering 2x the land using 1/2 the water; and they even had salt-water tolerant potatoes, onions, carrots, beets and more.

This is what Helical Holdings and the Outpost are working towards. We need your help, your innovation, your compassion and your entrepreneurship.  

We will be keeping everyone updated as we work together to bring the Outpost to your town, school, or community center.  We hope you will join us in this mission. To find out how to get involved or for more information please visit

Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan with the Helical OUTPOST

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How to Change America’s Tax Code | The Real Ratigan

The tax code is the solution to income inequality, but not in the way you think. It’s not about taxing the rich and taking the money to the central government and redistributing it. It’s about changing the tax code to encourage the investment of wealth into our society, into long-term projects, into long-term investments.…

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