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The End Game for the Two Party System | The Real Ratigan

If youre watching the political conventions, and its making you sick to your stomach- whether youre a Democrat or a Republican- chances are youre not really either because the vast majority of all of us are neither democrats nor republicans. I pointed that out at the beginning of the presidential contest. These conventions prove…

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Interpreting the Second Amendment | The Real Ratigan

The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms inside the construct of a well regulated militia. The Constitution also guarantees my right and your right to domestic tranquility. There is no situation on the planet earth where the free unregulated flow of high performance firearms, machine guns basically, does anything to secure anybody,…

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Decentralization & The Importance of Lewis Brandeis | The Real Ratigan

I’ve been talking a lot about centralization versus decentralization, the idea of decentralizing and moving towards human sized institutions for human problems, having the people that solve the problem in your life be close to where you live, solving it on the municipal level. This is not an idea out of thin air. This…

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Resource Tech Is the Path to Security | The Real Ratigan

The mistake of the past 100 years is believing that the path to global security is through a strong military and the deployment of weapons technology. We have now reached terminal weaponry, in which we can kill everybody on the entire planet with the push of a button, and the evidence suggests explicitly that…

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The Gatekeeper’s Only Interest is Money | The Real Ratigan

Don’t kid yourself. As far as we have come on the internet and all the decentralization, the gatekeepers and distributors in almost every industry still dictate the products that make it to our grocery stores, the movies that we watch, the music that we listen to, and the drugs that make it into our…

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