World Wide Wave of Action looks to New Iberia, Louisiana

Dear Friends, The World Wide Wave of Action is a push to evolve awareness; millions from all backgrounds coming together to express their vision for a better more connected world. Russell Brand describes it as the ultimate evolution in consciousness. I hope the essence of this cause becomes an expansion of thinking by people from […]

Inspiration from Iberia, Louisiana

The 21st Century Renaissance is dependent on individuals proactively making a difference. It has been an inspiration for me to meet seemingly ordinary people making remarkable impacts on their communities. Last week, I was in Louisiana on a business trip when an email from Evelyn Ducote blew me away. Ms. Ducote said she was inspired […]

DR visits “Real Time”

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. I discussed the transition from my television show on MSNBC to my current  focus on global conflict solutions.  Countless conversations with returning combat veterans have made it clear to me that the path to global security requires the application of technical […]

Men’s Journal Profile on my last 18 months

Friends, Many have asked what I have been doing since I left MSNBC in June 2012. Men’s Journal’s Mark Healy has been tracking me since before I resigned. He has answers in February’s edition. Please check out  “Revenge of the Cable Guy,” here: #TeamRenaissance

Visiting ‘The View’ on Black Friday

Let’s have DoD undertake a partnering role with the private sector to form and enforce the usage of a web portal for information on separating service members starting 12 months before the exit.

Mike Hanes’ Ruthless Quest to Solve Old Problems New Ways: By J.R. Lewis

Transparent, resource-based solutions deserve more experimentation. To get us from where we are, to where we’d like to be, we need to keep tinkering with the system, pushing boundaries and asking questions without fear.

Sustainability is Security: Perez Takes the Fight to Washington

Violence, uncertainty and unrest go hand in hand with food, water and energy scarcity. Probably no Americn are more accutely aware of this fact than the men and women we have sent into harm’s way over the last 20 years.

Lessons of The Fallujah Pause: Channeling Energy Toward Outcomes

Be useful, not resentful. This was the message of their actions as they worked to create a culture of unoffendablilty and comfort with uncertainty.

While the GOP Feuds, America Looks for “One Way Forward”: A Conversation with Lawrence Lessig

In a fascinating discussion on money, politics, and the growth of organic political reform movements in America over the last few years, Dylan talks with Harvard professor, author and advocate Lawrence Lessig about his new book, One Way Forward: An Outsiders Guide to Fixing the Republic.