Who Do Our Politican’s Work For?


Our politicians claim to be concerned about our health, our freedom and our security. Yet they are financed by those who profit from our sickness, our vulnerability and our insecurity.

Forming the Renaissance Preparation Committee

Distributed power eschews the castle’s illusion of fortitude for the invincibility of the Hydra. With tech-driven magic, it moves forward without a central system of absolute control. It is laying the groundwork for our future.

It’s the Culture

Through our 30 Million Jobs Tour, we began to discover a community that was driven not by the rules of the traditional system, but rather one that was focused on getting more for less. This new culture is one that places connection, community, and sustainability at the top of its priorities, and there are millions of people throughout the United States that are working to problem-solve our country’s greatest problems.

It Ain’t Easy Going Green


Our Congress is trying to intervene against the Pentagon to prevent the military, which wants to go green, from doing it. Bob Deans from the National Resources Defense Council Action Fund, and author of Reckless: The Political Assault on the American Environment, joins Dylan to talk about Congress’ steps to prevent the military from going green.

The Empire State Building’s Energy Efficient Facelift


Who says you can’t learn new tricks in your golden years? At 80 years old, the Empire State Building is already one of the world’s tallest buildings, and now reinventing itself to be one of the world’s most energy efficient.

Obama Awards 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom


In an afternoon ceremony at the White House, President Barack Obama will awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom to thirteen winners. Here’s the full list of awardees this year.

The Big Story: Why Oil Wars are Bad for America


We need a real debate about more efficient, lower-cost energy that doesn’t tie us to the fates of other countries. Our troops also need a new mission when they come home from combat — why not use their talents and expertise to get us off foreign oil?

David Goodfriend’s Daily Rant: Big Oil & Shameless Profiteering


David Goodfriend is outraged about sky high gas prices. He puts the blame at the feet of the oil industry in today’s Daily Rant.

“Summon the Experiments!” Ratigan Tells Jimmy Fallon


Dylan visits the new king of late-night, NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, to show an American-made lightbulb that lasts for 30 years and is 90% efficient.

Liz Perez & John Hofmeister: Matching vets with clean energy jobs

Dylan brings together Navy vet Liz Perez, founder of GC Green, and former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister to discuss matching problems and people to create solutions and jobs in the clean energy business.