Who Do Our Politican’s Work For?


Our politicians claim to be concerned about our health, our freedom and our security. Yet they are financed by those who profit from our sickness, our vulnerability and our insecurity.

High-Tech Troops and Low-Tech Transition


In speaking to the CEO of a major US energy company, as he reflected on the upcoming turnover of a huge population reaching retirement age, he said he would love to search a data to assess people and make offers to go to his plants- meaning a real job, one that brings with it a livelihood. Today, he has to put up posters, put out ads, or send representatives to every base.

Ratigan Extra: The Curious Case of Stevie Cohen

Is the penalty for admission of insider trading that the guilty party can only use their own money to do the same thing in the future?

Failing the Voight-Kampff

Empathy isn’t simply imagining the experiences and motivations of others. It is a clearing away of the poisonous dominator mythology to see the interconnected web joining all things. It allows us to set the stakes of the game appropriately by imagining the roles of each player.

Pope Francis and the Power Myth

The privilege and trappings of the Pope’s position place him in the precarious position of having to thread a needle with a camel, to borrow a New Testament aphorism. The temptation to exclude must be extraordinary.

Spock and the Art of Healthcare Overhaul


As a result of our healthcare system based on the wrong value proposition, we have Democrats and Republicans pushing the country into an obviously insane shutdown over healthcare. To them, it is all a fantasy battle based on competing visions of “Don’t Let Anyone Die.”

Thousands of Stories of Hope: One Barrier and How We Can Overcome It

The pendulum that has swung too far toward allowing individuals and small groups to have disproportionate influence needs to be halted and pushed back.