Debt and Taxes: Symptoms of Our Core Problem

Until we deal with this problem, which is deeply entrenched in our election finance system, our government will continue to borrow and tax us to serve its short-term interests even as our lives become more expensive and offer less in return.

The Debt Bomb with Sen. Tom Coburn

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), in his new book, accuses both parties of hypocrisy and failed leadership in dealing with the country’s mounting debt problems.

David Goodfriend: Let’s Be Honest — We Need to Reform Our Tax Code

Here’s David Goodfriend’s rant on reforming our tax code — he says the first step is to really look at the numbers, and be honest about what’s going on.

Dylan at the KPCC/Crawford Family Forum in Los Angeles

We had a great event at KPCC tonight. Missed it? Listen to the convo here!

Dylan on the Today Show: U.S. Policies are Removing Money and Jobs from America

Dylan visited the Today Show this morning to talk about the New Hampshire primaries, and why money in politics means that America is not getting the debate it deserves.

Paradise Lost: The Garden of Democracy

Author Nick Hanauer doesn’t believe that capitalism is inherently bad, but rather that it is an essential part of a larger ecosystem that we haven’t yet figured out. “Job creators” is constantly used when talking about the economy, but what does that really matter? And are they really solely responsible for spurring our economy on?

America’s Tax Code: A Rigged System Written By a Bought Government (That You Get to Pay For)

It’s hard to get off the extractionism train once you get on — and the people who brought you America’s incomprehensible tax code are having the ride of their lives!

This is No Time for Political Pro Wrestling – We Need 30 Million Jobs!

If you’re a regular viewer of the show, you’re probably just as tired of the “political pro wrestling” on Capitol Hill as we are. As the year comes to a close, it doesn’t look like the posturing is slowing down.

Cutting the deficit

Economists Peter Morici and Jared Bernstein talk about the taxing times for millions of struggling Americans and how President Barack Obama has promised to change the situation.