Liz Perez & John Hofmeister: Matching vets with clean energy jobs

Dylan brings together Navy vet Liz Perez, founder of GC Green, and former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister to discuss matching problems and people to create solutions and jobs in the clean energy business.

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The Greedy Bastards Antidote to Rigged Energy

Government assistance distorts the price of fossil fuels, making them artificially cheaper. But those direct subsidies are nothing compared to the enormous costs the public indirectly pays for fossil fuels.

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Auction 2012: “Energy Fear Factor” with Dan Froomkin

Whether it’s through the subsidy process or the transfer of environmental damage for a country that proclaims a desire for free markets, we can’t think of a product that has a more rigged price.

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My 30 Million Jobs Tour: Every Problem Is a Job

This week, I’m launching the 30 Million Jobs tour. We’re taking the Dylan Ratigan Show on the road, and going all over the country to demonstrate that we are a nation flush with potential. We’ll visit what I call “cradles of innovation” all over the place…

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Who Are You Calling a Greedy Bastard?

Our political system is being sold at auction. Legislative policy and regulation is being catered to the highest bidder, and we are witnessing the greatest exodus of wealth and production from our shores in the history of the United States. In short, we are a nation being controlled by Greedy Bastards. But what is a Greedy Bastard?

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