Access to Nature Key to Reducing Violence

While increased green space seems like an easy fix, in modern cities the priorities tend to be housing and commercial space. However, small urban farms, greenhouses and gardens are becoming increasingly popular in the inner city.

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Food Security – What Is It? Interview With Dylan Ratigan and Natural Food Merchandiser NFM

Read the Interview the explains exactly WHAT “Food Security” is, and why it’s critical for the future.

Dylan Ratigan sits down with Natural Food Merchandiser to explain the importance of Food Security and what his plan is for the deployment of technology to combat global resource scarcity which is the biggest existential threat of our time.


Show Don’t Tell

This week, the former global head of training and command for the U.S. Marine Corps, Major General Melvin Spiese partnered with us to lead a veteran-led incubator targeting food and energy solutions with Archi’s Acres as a model project. The incubator is Veteran Job Corps.

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The Greatest Generation

I spent years taking inventory of the myriad of problems facing our country – from our food deserts, toxic energy systems, crumbling infrastructure, to our disastrous health systems, questionable wars and embarrassingly high unemployment (especially for our combat veterans).

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