Access to Nature Key to Reducing Violence

While increased green space seems like an easy fix, in modern cities the priorities tend to be housing and commercial space. However, small urban farms, greenhouses and gardens are becoming increasingly popular in the inner city.

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High-Tech Troops and Low-Tech Transition

In speaking to the CEO of a major US energy company, as he reflected on the upcoming turnover of a huge population reaching retirement age, he said he would love to search a data to assess people and make offers to go to his plants- meaning a real job, one that brings with it a livelihood. Today, he has to put up posters, put out ads, or send representatives to every base.

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Pope Francis and the Power Myth

The privilege and trappings of the Pope’s position place him in the precarious position of having to thread a needle with a camel, to borrow a New Testament aphorism. The temptation to exclude must be extraordinary.

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The Unoffendable Brand

Russell’s decision to produce uncertainty in front of a live audience with the enemy du jour was brilliant because it worked and even more brilliant because its success was never certain.

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Spock and the Art of Healthcare Overhaul

As a result of our healthcare system based on the wrong value proposition, we have Democrats and Republicans pushing the country into an obviously insane shutdown over healthcare. To them, it is all a fantasy battle based on competing visions of “Don’t Let Anyone Die.”

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Those Who Nominate Dictate

Is there any system more ripe for revamping and reevaluation through a distributed power paradigm than US politics and the tiny, wealthy group of Americans fueling the machine with vast reserves of liquidity?

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