Elon Musk Needs Lyle Lanley

The Hyperloop is a name that intrigues, but, no matter how cool that name is, Tesla founder Elon Muske is going to need something to sell his idea.

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Bezos: We need to experiment

We should applaud the courage and willingness to risk reinventing what is practically a national institute. Bezos and Co. will not only shake up the Post, but the incessantly perilous world of print journalism.

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Kale: It Does a Body Good

It seems that Hollywood is finally catching up to Dr. Jeffery Spees, my good buddy, stem cell research scientist, and the creator of the Kale Hero Smoothie.

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Building a New Set of Maps

Austin is home to some of our nation’s great creative doers who are drawing new maps and rewriting the rules of everything from art to business. And taking part in the long form, ideas free-for-all of the podcast yesterday is making me itch to get back to podcasting myself.

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Embracing the Culture of Experimentation

Evolution lies in deciding not just to act, but to do so in a visible and integrity-driven manner in an environment laden with choices—some good and many bad, These choices and our decision to choose can bring about the type of evolution that human beings are uniquely capable of enacting.

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The Woodstock of Capitalism

Every year on this day, tens of thousands of people make the pilgrimage to Omaha, Nebraska to hear two of the worlds richest men discuss everything from cultural trends, to love and marriage, to assigning probabilities to terrorist attacks. Those men are Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, of course.

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Shine Light

You want to know what is going on in Boston after the attacks on the town’s storied marathon? Check out this message from my friend, former Marine Captain Ryan McGill. He’s a thick-necked Beantown rugby player who used to pilot choppers in Iraq, ferrying gravely wounded troops to combat medical facilities.

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Ending Our Incarceration Nation

In life there are some clear paths that we can walk down today to reach a better place, while others are less clear, dangerous even, yet no less important for us to travel.

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Mr. and Mrs. Archipley Go to Washington

Colin and Karen Archipley will visit the White House this week to help First Lady Obama and a group of elementary kids to plant the White House’s organic garden.

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