Right now, one in 100 Americans are behind bars, and more people are jail today in America than Stalin imprisoned at the height of his tyranny.  Our communities are damaged by imprisoning enormous numbers of people, and giving them criminal records for nonviolent offenses.  It is also incredibly costly, at $200 billion a year as of 2007, or about $650 for every person in America.

WHERE Community Hero’s Are Leading Us?

 1. Clearly understood community standards for all citizens.

 2. A better understanding of deterrents to reduce incarceration and improve community health. Kennedy’s personal, community based approached is the opposite of our current paradigm of lock up and forget.  Specifically, Kennedy has proven that direct engagement with potential youth offenders to explain that the group will suffer if any one of them violates community standards, massively reduces offenses.


The success as a result of Kennedy’s project has been astounding.  In Boston they achieved a 63% reduction in youth homicides for almost no money, just time and conversation with the right people. 

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