Questions Persist Over Accused Leaker’s Conditions

Democratic strategist Krystal Ball and radio host Amy Holmes discuss the treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning.


>> talk about bradley manning, shall we? president obama hit with a question in fact about the treatment of private manning, which is accused of stealing and leaking private government documents. manning has been held for many, many months at this point confined to his cell for 23 hours a day by himself. they don’t call it solitary confinement because he gets that one hour. he has been forced to strip naked at night and stand nude at attention in the morning because apparently, he’s a threat to himself although that is entirely up for debate. ultimately, the treatment of private manning, who has yet to be brought to trial is prompting questions that are not making it up to the president.

>> a spokesman said the treatment of bradley manning by the pentagon is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid and i wonder if you agree.

>> i i can’t go into details, but some of this has to do with private manning’s safety as well.

>> if george w. bush was treating bradley manning the way that he is being treated, would the left roll over the way they have and be sisilent?

>> absolutely not. i agree with crowley. the treatment is ridiculous and indefensible.

>> but there’s a bigger issue here because the political machine has been immobilized because it is a liberal black democratic president who is in charge that the left by my opinion does not want to criticize even though he is exhibiting behavior that were it to be a right wing older white man, the left would be holding vigils, they would be —

>> i couldn’t agree more. we have seen enormous hypocrisy on the left. we’re seeing it with gitmo. the president said he’s going to keep that open.

>> the banks.

>> central campaign promise of president obama was to close gitmo. we’re not hearing a peep.

>> so, we’re not going to hold you accountable for entire left.

>> we see —

>> the thing is, that we see this partisan development on both sides.

>> nobody’s calls republicans america’s angels. we’ve got a man who is being held, who has not be tried. i talked to — we talked to a string of jags who do this, where there is clear violation of multiple codes of the uniform code of military conduct in the way this man is being treated and the political base that would normally be so active in defending this man.

>> the only people that you hear on the left are sort of at the extreme. the normal democratic base is not speaking on this issue.

>> where’s code pink? excuse me.

>> this is not code pink’s fault?

>> i think bradley manning needs to be held —

>> there are rules. uniform code of military justice says that if a soldier — an inmate, must be held with the to protect him or others and nothing more.

>> right. where i might disagree with you here is that i don’t think they’re holding him there as pulmo. they do say they are trying to pekt him from himself.

>> there is no evidence that is — that is garbage. there is no evidence from bradley manning, his lawyer. there’s no evidence from bradley manning’s friends. from anybody anywhere near bradley manning that he is a threat to himself.

>> the only thing the president — in a press conference.

>> i will tell you what occurred was bradley manning joked with a security guard that what, am i going to kill myself with my flip-flops and underwear?

>> if we were in an airport and made the wrong sarcastic comment —

>> stupid.

>> it’s not justifiable.

>> i just love how we like to criticize egypt and china for their treatment of political prisoners, holding people, they abuse them and yet we take somebody, we don’t try him, hold him for months and those who would be so critical on the left not to look at you again, say nothing as we abuse one of our citizens in a way that we would be so anxious to criticize in china or the middle east.

>> if you look at ” huffington post,” you will see some op-eds speaking out.

>> glenn greenwald has done an amazing job, but the organized power base that is the center left, harry reid, nancy pelosi, the people with the money and power, silent.

>> obama’s their guy.

>> obama. silent, until asked by jake tapper, go jake. nice to see you guys. that was fun. we should do this again.

>> code pink.

#WikiFear: What are they afraid of?

There’s an unexplored part of the Wikileaks story. What exactly are its opponents afraid of? I’d like to know what you think.

Wikileaks has done what any other news organization might have done if confidential yet newsworthy information had come into its possession. Here’s Glenn Greenwald.

WikiLeaks has posted to its website only 960 of the 251,297 diplomatic cables it has. Almost every one of these cables was first published by one of its newspaper partners which are disclosing them (The Guardian, theNYT, El Pais, Le Monde, Der Speigel, etc.). Moreover, the cables posted by WikiLeaks were not only first published by these newspapers, but contain the redactions applied by those papers to protect innocent people and otherwise minimize harm.

Still, the blowback has been fierce.

Amazon drops Wikileaks.

Paypal drops Wikileaks.

Hillary Clinton implies Wikileaks is illegal.

VISA. Mastercard.

Sweden. England.

Senator Joe Lieberman.

My question is, why?

All of the institutions going after Wikileaks are afraid of something.What is it? I don’t know. What do you think? Comment below, tweet using #wikifear, or click here to add your thoughts.

(Note that Facebook is not removing Wikileaks, and that it is a tech startup – Flattr – which is still allowing funds to flow to Wikileaks.)

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