Bypassing the Organized Dysfunction

Until reforms like transparent financing and open primaries are implemented, we are left with two choices. One is to wallow in the tragedy of the dysfunction, which too many of us are selecting. Two, we can choose to embrace the amazing methods blossoming around us outside of the mainstream system.

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Opposites Attract? Not in Today’s America

Joe Costello comes on the show today to discuss his new book Of By For: The New Politics of Money, Debt, and Democracy to discuss how the extreme partisanship of American politics, interwoven with the influence of money, has derailed the Grand Experiment that America was launched under.

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The Debt Bomb with Sen. Tom Coburn

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), in his new book, accuses both parties of hypocrisy and failed leadership in dealing with the country’s mounting debt problems.

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Simon Johnson: The Myths of America’s Debt Woes

Economist Simon Johnson is busting debt myths in his new book, “White House Burning: The Founding Fathers, Our National Debt, and Why It Matters to You.” He says when it comes to government spending, it is how we spend our money, not how much we spend, that matters.

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The Lost Generation: How America’s Youth Are Being Left Behind

A new PEW research poll reveals that 40% of Americans acknowledge it is our young people who are bearing the brunt of our economic failings. They are, after all, going to be around the longest to deal with the wake of the collapse. Is the promise of higher education being served in a just way to our floundering generation of young people?

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The Fight to End Corporate Personhood Comes to NYC

New York has taken a stand in the fight against corporate personhood; will they be the last that pledges to reverse Citizens’ United? Follow as the New York City Council votes on Resolution 1172 to oppose the decision.

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Americans Under 35: Going Broke Trying to Become Middle Class?

Are young people going broke just trying to become middle class? A new study from Demos looks at nation’s future through the eyes of the folks who have to make it work for the next 50 years — Americans under the age of 35.

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Young Americans fight status quo

Natalia Abrams of Occupy Colleges and Tamara Draut of the Demos policy think tank discuss the rising debts of college graduates and their staggering unemployment rate.

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Dr. Peter Morici: Campaign Dollars, China, and the Banks

Dr. Peter Morici writes about the huge influence financial firms have had in shaping federal trade policy, and how their outsized influence may be holding America back from any meaningful economic recovery.

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