Decentralizing Government Power | The Real Ratigan

The reason it is so hard for me to get excited to vote in this years presidential election is because every single person running for president is in favor of a gigantic centralized government. Even Bernie Sanders, who I want to agree with, who ultimately defines the problem closest to what I actually believe…

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The State & Identity of American Politics | The Real Ratigan

  If youre concerned about the state of American politics, think about this; less than 25 percent of Americans identify as Republican, less than 30 percent of Americans identify as Democrats. You put both of them together, less than 50 percent of us collectively identify as Republicans or Democrats. So functionally, we have two minority,…

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Help Wanted: Liars and Crooks; Will Vote For You!

Author Andy Andrews believes that our vote still matters, even as more and more Americans are disenchanted with the supposed “power” of the vote. It isn’t about Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, but about the country as a whole. Can we still make a difference before it’s too late?

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Egyptian Protestors Continue To Push For Democracy

In the two weeks since the crisis in Egypt began, has anything really changed? A Dylan Ratigan Show panel discusses.

“Democracy cannot succeed…”

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.¬† The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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