Decentralizing Government Power | The Real Ratigan

The reason it is so hard for me to get excited to vote in this years presidential election is because every single person running for president is in favor of a gigantic centralized government. Even Bernie Sanders, who I want to agree with, who ultimately defines the problem closest to what I actually believe…

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America Isn’t Broken | The Real Ratigan

Never in the history of American presidential primaries have the two frontrunners polled so low when it comes to unlike-ability. In fact, the vast majority of American voters dont want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So when you look at the presidential frontrunners, and you think to yourself, Has America gone crazy? No, America…

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What If… | The Real Ratigan

Teleportation couldnt possibly be done. But what if it was? UFOs couldnt possibly exist. But what if they did? A reality television star who squandered more money than a Banana Republic dictator could never be President of the United States. But what if he was? See more Dylan Ratigan videos: Subscribe to our…

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How to Defeat Donald Trump | The Real Ratigan

Donald Trump is unique in that his entire political brand is predicated on the identity of winning. The issue doesnt matter, the country doesnt matter, your identity doesnt matter, your gender doesnt matter. All that matters to Donald Trump is that you believe that no matter what situation he is in, he wins. That…

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Trump & Sanders Are a Reaction to Obama’s Failures | The Real Ratigan

Its a direct reflection of decades of failure, betrayal and corruption on both the part of the Republican leadership as well as the Democratic party leadership, that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are doing as well as they are doing at this point in the political cycle. There are so many people in America…

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Trump shares his stance on China

A Dylan Ratigan Show panel talks about Savannah Guthrie’s interview with Donald Trump as well as other political stories.


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