Veni, Vidi, “V.I.C.I.” Code

The green curtain of money has a stranglehold on Washington, D.C. We are witnessing the fall of an electoral system that promised its power to the people, for the people, and is reneging on that promise with each passing day. They are not living by a code of honor and trust, or as we call it: the “V.I.C.I.” code.

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Ready, Set, Auction! Money in Politics Strikes Again

John Bonifaz joins the show today to discuss getting money out of politics. With the exciting news that New York City has passed its own resolution declaring that corporations are not people, are we seeing the beginning of what may very well be the final push to get money out of politics?

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The Fight to End Corporate Personhood Comes to NYC

New York has taken a stand in the fight against corporate personhood; will they be the last that pledges to reverse Citizens’ United? Follow as the New York City Council votes on Resolution 1172 to oppose the decision.

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Paradise Lost: The Garden of Democracy

Author Nick Hanauer doesn’t believe that capitalism is inherently bad, but rather that it is an essential part of a larger ecosystem that we haven’t yet figured out. “Job creators” is constantly used when talking about the economy, but what does that really matter? And are they really solely responsible for spurring our economy on?

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Suskind defends White House book

Author Ron Suskind discusses the failure to reform the financial system and confronts the controversy surrounding ‘Confidence Men.’

Barry Ritholtz: Time to Call Out the Government on Debt

We will never be able to force the necessary restructuring on global debt until we actually call out the government — or, force a crisis on the government effectively to do with these things.

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