The End Game for the Two Party System | The Real Ratigan

If youre watching the political conventions, and its making you sick to your stomach- whether youre a Democrat or a Republican- chances are youre not really either because the vast majority of all of us are neither democrats nor republicans. I pointed that out at the beginning of the presidential contest. These conventions prove…

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Trump & Sanders Are a Reaction to Obama’s Failures | The Real Ratigan

Its a direct reflection of decades of failure, betrayal and corruption on both the part of the Republican leadership as well as the Democratic party leadership, that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are doing as well as they are doing at this point in the political cycle. There are so many people in America…

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When Politics Rewards Extremes, How Do We Get the Debate We Deserve?

You’ve told us about your frustration with the quality of the GOP debates and stump speeches over the last few weeks. Real issues aren’t being addressed, and the clock is ticking to the nomination. How do we move away from “us versus them” and actually get an intelligent debate going?

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Guests and Topics for Tuesday February 28, 2012

Bill de Blasio, Dave Walker, and the Megapanel all turn their eyes on the Michigan and Arizona primaries, as well as corporate spending in elections. How will this impact a system that is meant to operate on fairness? Is it possible to earn money and contribute social good still?

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Ready, Set, Auction! Money in Politics Strikes Again

John Bonifaz joins the show today to discuss getting money out of politics. With the exciting news that New York City has passed its own resolution declaring that corporations are not people, are we seeing the beginning of what may very well be the final push to get money out of politics?

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Is Romney a lock for the GOP nomination?

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and panel talk about Mitt Romney’s performance in the New Hampshire debate and discuss whether the Christie endorsement could indicate the New Jersey governor may become a running mate.

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GOP won’t take ‘no’ from Christie

A Dylan Ratigan Show panel talks about the top political stories of the day, including the Republican Party’s determination to convince Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., to run for president.

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