My Girl Scout Cookie Pitch

All of us know the political and economic system is in desperate need of our help.  I’ve been committing my time and assets to this project – the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC, and two new ventures to help spread some of the ideas I’ve learned from you.  The first is a nonprofit foundation to Get Money Out of politics.  The second is a book – Greedy Bastards – that details the core dysfunction in our decision-making systems relative to available tools for problem-solving in the 21st century.  It’s a very good book, because I took ideas from many of the best people out there on how to solve our collective problems.

So here is my Girl Scout Cookie pitch:

If you purchase 20 or more copies of Greedy Bastards, I will donate 100 percent of author and agency profits to the Get Money Out Foundation.  This money will be dedicated exclusively to reforming money in politics by organizing municipal and other strategies in collaboration with everyone from the Committee for Economic Development to Russell Simmons, Ben & Jerry, and even a few pro-sports owners who are interested in helping!

The donated book purchases can be directed by you, the buyer, EITHER to communities you would like to hot-spot OR to the Get Money Out Foundation, which will mail the books to United Republic members, as well as People For the American Way, the Tea Party Patriots, Common Cause, League of Women Voters, and the Occupation.

To buy books in bulk, please contact our Books-A-Million rep, Jenelle Adams, who can help with your purchase. 100 percent of money from the Book-A-Million purchases will be paid to Get Money Out Foundation. (*In order to track and match donations, purchases must be made through the representative and not online.*)

Jenelle Adams

Tel: 205-909-9211

Alternate contact: Email Ethan Rabin at

My hope is that powerfully-placed contributions to purchase and donate books now can put more information and a little more money in the pockets of those on the front lines of these efforts — from Montana to New York to Los Angeles.  To stay up to date on everything going on,

In order to expand the resources for this conversation to grow, it is imperative that those most interested in learning and doing more about it, be given the tools to do so productively.

I firmly believe that Greedy Bastards is such a tool.

Onward and Upward!


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