Artificial Market Inflation Isn’t Exclusive To China | The Real Ratigan

Much has been made about the rise and subsequent collapse of the Chinese stock market and as Ive said in the past, more interesting than the collapse is the artificial inflation of the Chinese stock market. Of course, its going to come down after its margined and leveraged and pumped and dumped by theā€¦

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American “Free Trade” Doesn’t Exist | The Real Ratigan

  “They shouldn’t call American trade agreements free trade agreements. They should call American trade agreements slave trade agreements because they are written by lobbyists for multinationals and banks. Companies like Nike, companies like Apple. That make their money by getting American policy makers to change our policies in order to deliberately subsidize the foreign…

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Is The Federal Reserve Coming Clean?

As I told you on Friday, the Huffington Post and the Dylan Ratigan Show got some significant internal documents from the Federal Reserve. We’ll be releasing them at 4pm on my show, on the Huffington Post, and at

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Stocks tumble after US downgrade

Bill Fleckenstein and Prof. William Black talk about the importance of the credit rating and explain the world reaction to it.

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