Visiting ‘The View’ on Black Friday

Let’s have DoD undertake a partnering role with the private sector to form and enforce the usage of a web portal for information on separating service members starting 12 months before the exit.

Marine Corps General Partners with Dylan Ratigan to Lead Veteran Job Incubator

May 21, 2013 (Los Angeles, CA) – Veteran Job Corps, a solutions based, job incubator for military veterans, announced today that Major General Melvin Spiese will be the Executive Chairman.

The Daily Beast: Dylan Ratigan’s Veterans Job Corps Kicks Off, With Marine Power

With the Marines’ former top trainer on board, the ex-newsman’s venture into sustainable farming and changing prospects for returning U.S. military launches today.

Archi’s Acres: Cast of Characters

I find myself blessed to realize my role in an amazing drama as it unfolds and perhaps nothing is more amazing than the cast of fellow characters sharing the stage and forcing me to take better action and utter better lines.