The Root of the Social Decay Problem | The Real Ratigan

People like to talk about the murder rate in Chicago. They like to talk about the volatility in the Middle East. They like to talk about the failures of our educational system. They like to protest our government and demand response from the mayors office. But until we understand that things like the murder…

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It Ain’t Easy Going Green

Our Congress is trying to intervene against the Pentagon to prevent the military, which wants to go green, from doing it. Bob Deans from the National Resources Defense Council Action Fund, and author of Reckless: The Political Assault on the American Environment, joins Dylan to talk about Congress’ steps to prevent the military from going green.

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Obstacles to peace in the Mideast

Former State Department advisor Aaron Miller and Rabbi Marvin Hier discusses Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence that his country won’t return to 1967 borders to establish a Palestine state


Rating Obama’s approach to Mideast politics

A Dylan Ratigan Show panel debates the success of President Barack Obama’s speech on the Mideast policy.


Differentiated Change in the Middle East and North Africa

I think we all agree that a higher level of democracy in the Middle East and North Africa will not occur overnight, but when will it happen and what comes next?

“…I suspect that we may now be entering a period of much greater differentiation among MENA countries.

If this is correct, the sense of an unstoppable and unpredictable tsunami of change may be replaced by a need to distinguish among different country dynamics. And should this materialize, the world will face a dual challenge — understanding and dealing with what may well be four distinct groups of countries within MENA; and comprehending a new set of regional dynamics which involves different interactions among countries. Let us address each in turn.”

Mohamed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian is the CEO of PIMCO. He spent part of his childhood in Egypt where his father was a professor of international law at Cairo University and then served as an Egyptian diplomat and was elected to the International Court of Justice in 1978. The opinions expressed are his own.

Photo; Egyptian workers fleeing violence in Libya queue to board a bus after crossing into Tunisia at the border crossing of Ras Jdir February 23, 2011. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Who will be the next to fall?

A Dylan Ratigan Show panel discusses whether the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will cause a ripple effect across the Middle East.

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