Guests and Topics for Wednesday, February 29 2012

Romney’s win was a big one last night, but will the momentum continue into Super Tuesday? Noam Scheiber joins us to talk about his new book, and we’ll hear from a university dean who wants to give freshman free tuition… IF they have a fantastic entrepreneurial idea. All that, coming up on the Leap Year edition of The Dylan Ratigan Show!

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Guests and Topics for Tuesday February 28, 2012

Bill de Blasio, Dave Walker, and the Megapanel all turn their eyes on the Michigan and Arizona primaries, as well as corporate spending in elections. How will this impact a system that is meant to operate on fairness? Is it possible to earn money and contribute social good still?

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Is Romney just a ‘strange dude’ from Boston?

Earlier today, Dylan went on Morning Joe. This question came up: What does it take to understand Mitt Romney?

“Here’s my two cents on Mitt Romney. Everybody thinks ‘Oh well [he’s] rich, he’s out of touch, he doesn’t know how to connect to people. I think that that is wrong…I think Mitt Romney’s problem is more that he’s just kind of a weirdo from Boston. It’s less that he’s rich or poor; it’s more that he’s just kind of a strange guy that doesn’t relate to people that well. If he was poor he wouldn’t relate to people that well, and if we rich he wouldn’t relate to people that well. He’s just kind of a strange dude, and so he kind of screws things up. But I think we’re overthinking it beyond that.”

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