American “Free Trade” Doesn’t Exist | The Real Ratigan

  “They shouldn’t call American trade agreements free trade agreements. They should call American trade agreements slave trade agreements because they are written by lobbyists for multinationals and banks. Companies like Nike, companies like Apple. That make their money by getting American policy makers to change our policies in order to deliberately subsidize the foreign…

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Invest Like a Monster Conference

About the Event

The Invest Like a Monster Conference series provides a framework and education for making disciplined investment decisions. Led by Dylan Ratigan and our co-founders Jon (‘DRJ’) and Pete Najarian along with Guy Adami, these intimate, two-day events cover basic and intermediate trading concepts.

Everyone in our trading community has a unique story and background, and everybody can benefit from revising the basics, learning new techniques, and gaining current market perspective. Join us in Orlando March 18-19!

VIP Cocktail Hour

Friday night will host a VIP cocktail event with Jon Pete and Guy. Beer, wine, signature cocktails and hearty hor d’oeuvres will be served as you get a chance to pick the brains of professional traders! Additionally, get an autographed picture with the guys at the end of the evening.

Attend for Free

If you open and fund a new tradeMONSTER account with $5,000 before April 18th, 2011 (using coupon code ILAMFL), receive up to $199 off your Invest Like a Monster registration. Rebates will be processed April 19th, 2011 as a credit back to the credit card that was used to register for the conference. Offer does not apply to existing tradeMONSTER accounts. Only one offer per customer.

Meet the Speakers

Jon ‘DRJ’ Najarian
Co-Founder, optionMONSTER and CNBC Contributor

Pete Najarian
Co-Founder, optionMONSTER and Cast Member of CNBC’s “Fast Money”

Guy Adami
optionMONSTER and Cast Member of CNBC’s “Fast Money”

Dan Fitzpatrick
Principal, Stockmarket Mentor

Joe Cunningham
Director of Institutional ETF Order Flow, ProShare Advisors LLC

Greg Jensen
Founder and Chief Trainer, optionsANIMAL

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