Trade Relations China Hinder Manufacturing Competition | The Real Ratigan

The thing to understand when it comes to our trade relations with China is this: we manufacture, or American companies manufacture, a wide varieties of goods and services inside the nation of China. China then provides us relatively cheap manufacturing services. That should be a reasonable international trade agreement. But it is corrupted by…

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Auction 2012: How Greedy Bastards Rig Our Trade Rules

Did you know that China controls our food supply? It sounds crazy, but it’s true. The food preservative “ascorbic acid”, which is used to preserve nearly all the food that is on store shelves, is manufactured in one factory in China.

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Who Are You Calling a Greedy Bastard?

Our political system is being sold at auction. Legislative policy and regulation is being catered to the highest bidder, and we are witnessing the greatest exodus of wealth and production from our shores in the history of the United States. In short, we are a nation being controlled by Greedy Bastards. But what is a Greedy Bastard?

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U.S. Jobs Machine Needs a Tune-Up

The White House announced a new jobs initiative today that will create 180,000 youth employment positions during the summer. This is a good start, but what is holding back the U.S. economy from a full recovery?

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Dr. Peter Morici: Campaign Dollars, China, and the Banks

Dr. Peter Morici writes about the huge influence financial firms have had in shaping federal trade policy, and how their outsized influence may be holding America back from any meaningful economic recovery.

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Jobs Wanted: A Special Report on Trade, Taxes and Banking

Job numbers continue to be weakening in America, while politicians continue to talk about jobs without identifying the root cause of why we don’t have them in the first place. How can you solve a problem…

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Barry Ritholtz: Time to Call Out the Government on Debt

We will never be able to force the necessary restructuring on global debt until we actually call out the government — or, force a crisis on the government effectively to do with these things.

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