Visiting ‘The View’ on Black Friday

Let’s have DoD undertake a partnering role with the private sector to form and enforce the usage of a web portal for information on separating service members starting 12 months before the exit.

High-Tech Troops and Low-Tech Transition

In speaking to the CEO of a major US energy company, as he reflected on the upcoming turnover of a huge population reaching retirement age, he said he would love to search a data to assess people and make offers to go to his plants- meaning a real job, one that brings with it a livelihood. Today, he has to put up posters, put out ads, or send representatives to every base.

Show Don’t Tell

This week, the former global head of training and command for the U.S. Marine Corps, Major General Melvin Spiese partnered with us to lead a veteran-led incubator targeting food and energy solutions with Archi’s Acres as a model project. The incubator is Veteran Job Corps.

The Greatest Generation

I spent years taking inventory of the myriad of problems facing our country – from our food deserts, toxic energy systems, crumbling infrastructure, to our disastrous health systems, questionable wars and embarrassingly high unemployment (especially for our combat veterans).

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

After 780 hours of political cable news, 6000 hours of live financial television, 45 cities, 2 national jobs tours, 277,963 signatures to amend The Constitution, 245 pages of book and a promotion tour for Greedy Bastards, I was exhausted.

Robin Hood Livestream

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ROBIN HOOD STREAMS CONVERSATION BETWEEN TOM BROKAW AND ADMIRAL MIKE MULLEN FROM ANNUAL GALA May 9, 2011 The Robin Hood Foundation, a public charity which targets poverty in New York City by funding and partnering with the best and most effective programs to get maximum results, will be streaming […]